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ient civilization.As the eye wandere▓d, a primeval saying took on new mea●ning:—“Egypt is the Nile.” Tightly to t▓he life-giving river, distinctly visible● in this


marvelous atmosphere for a hundr●ed miles, clung the slender land of Egypt▓, a spotless ribbon of richest g▓reen, following every contour of t

he Fath▓er of Waters.All else was but a● l

imitless sea of yellow, choking sand●. I descended to the Tomb o

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f Queen Hatasu a▓nd spent the afternoon among the ruins o▓n the ed

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ge of the plain.Arriving al▓one and unannounced, I had little difficu

ot might well have a

lty in ▓entering where I chose.For wer●e the guardian not asleep, I ha

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29May, 2012

d only to refus▓e to understand his Arabic 228a▓nd his excited gestures, until I had examined ea●ch monument to my heart’s content.I h▓

21May, 2012

ad passed the Colossi of Memnon before the to●urists, jaded and drooping from a d●ay in the saddle, overtook me, and I▓ made headway against th

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